Why iBTC?

Currently, some of the problems faced by Bitcoin is the speed at which the blocks are mined, the inconsistency related to forks, but Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most widespread and accepted cryptocurrency. At the same time, ethereum is fast, confirmation is quick, enables smart contract, however is not as compatible or widespread as bitcoin. Both of the coin suffers security weakness not related directly to the blockchain but with respect to the exchanges, wallet, etc.

With iBTC you can instantly convert between ETH and BTC. In case you do not want to convert to iBTC to take advantage of the fluctuations in BTC and ETH, you are free to do so. This is our second phase where we intend to have a seamless transition between BTC, ETH and iBTC. You only need to convert 5% of your BTC/ETH to iBTC and still be able to do enjoy the benefits of iBTC token for the full amount. This essentially shields you from wild fluctuations. This wallet is nothing like you have ever seen. Let us look at a conversation between BTC and ETH.

Bitcoin: Thanks my buddy for picking up call, I am tired of all this fork after fork and whatever.
Ethereum: Thanks too for choosing me for the moon ride, lets ride on smart contract
Bitcoin: Smart what?
Ethereum: smart contract, at the speed of light we will get there!
Bitcoin: Please take it easy with me Sir you know am too old for this but the community want more, so what is the Block time? > 10 Minutes
Ethereum: 15 seconds!
Bitcoin: Wait let me put up my seat belt, you know my insurance might not cover this, What is the magic? Finality> 6 confirmations (60min).Bitcoin: Consensus > Pow
Ethereum: Pow (soon Pos)
Bitcoin: Scaling > lightning Network
Ethereum: Lightning Network + sharing + plasma
Bitcoin: Privacy >Dandelion ( not live)
Etherem: zkSNARKs (on testnet)
Bitcoin: Governance > Slow
Ethereum: Fast
Bitcoin: Capabilities > Payments (Rootstock soon)
Ethereum: Payments + smart Contracts
Bitcoin: There you go again, Mehn am in, let have fun!
Ethereum: Welcom to New Jerusalem, Powered by speed of light!

We will put up some press release about dontoshi exchange on coin news site with 15k daily visitors more info at https://t.co/EJBKtvgRyH Please PM if you have enough followers of investors on twitter, telegram and facebook. We have offer but we will only pay with DTD token RT